My Cartier Tank Solo

Cartier Tank Solo

This is my Cartier Tank Solo. I bought it five years ago during a business trip to Boston.

I still remember that day. I had a free afternoon, and, together with a dear friend, wandered around the Prudential Mall.

Before too long, we found ourselves at the Cartier counter. I was drawn first to another watch – also from the Tank series. However, the price was way beyond anything I was prepared to pay.

I was going to walk away, but the store attendant drew my attention to this watch. I loved it immediately – its simplicity, beauty, and elegance. And all at an affordable price.

I asked the attendant to give me a few hours to think about it. It was nearly lunchtime, so my friend and I decided to go have lunch, and to use that time to think it over.

Of course, as I fully expected, my Protestant consciousness kicked in: was it really in order to spend so much on a timepiece? Was I buying on a whim? Did I really need this watch? Was I being too decadent?

Well, thank God for this lovely friend of mine. She gently steered me out of my almost existential agonising, and reminded me of the essence of beauty in our lives. Life should not always be about obligation; what we should do, to whom we should report, and things like that. There is also a place for living without too much care, for indulging our passions, and for stepping beyond the strictures that we (knowingly or not) impose on ourselves. This is not to say that we must eschew all caution; rather, that, whilst being careful, we must, nevertheless, remember to enjoy life.

And so we returned to the store, and I bought this watch. It has served me faithfully since then. It’s my workaday timepiece, and a trusty old thing it is, too. Two years ago, I had the strap replaced – the old one wore out. I’ve also had the case repolished. It’s a solid thing of beauty, and I’m ever so glad to own it.

Above all, it reminds me of the lesson I learned that day: to live life without too much caution, and to make room to enjoy my passions and dreams.


  1. trevor gill says:

    dial repolished you mean case

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